Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer skin

The end of summer always makes me sad. Although the weather will still be warm for another month, the end of my favorite season signifies to me the end of a youthful time, and the beginning of more responsibility. I actually wrote a poem about this feeling, somewhat inspired by Death Cab for Cutie's song "Summer Skin". This summer is especially sad for me because some of my friends who are a year older than I am are going away to college, which reminds me that I'll be doing the same in only a year.

photo credits: we heart it,, rosie hardy on flickr.


  1. I'm excited for fall actually. I prefer the weather

  2. Same here, seems like autumn came with little prelude and I'm not ready yet to wave summer goodbye.

  3. These pictures show that feeling of summer just perfectly! Summer Skin is one of my favorite songs :)