Thursday, August 13, 2009

Makes me feel smart.

I kind of have this irrational love for National Geographic magazine. My friend gets it so I always like to borrow it, especially for the photography aspect of it, but the science-y articles are interesting too. I'm not a science buff by any means, I'm more of the artsy type. But I like reading the articles, they're pretty interesting and they make me feel smarter. I'm actually contemplating waiting until my subscription of Teen Vogue runs out, and then subscribing to NG. But anyways, I found these photos online from a previous issue that I loved. They're called "green roofs", and they are supposed to increase energy efficiency of buildings, not to mention they look so great in a city landscape. These photos are by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel.

I've seen these two sights in person! Both in San Francisco. The first is the roof of the California Academy of Sciences, which I didn't go into, but I saw the green roof from outside. It looks so cool, like rolling hills or something. And the next one is just the top of a bus stop, I think it's the only one in the city and it's to bring awareness about green roofs.


  1. one of our library's has a green roof. The grass is all long and gold and green. In the wind it's truly beautiful

  2. to learn more.
    One of many environmental techniques from Europe which is decades ahead of the US. I also hope it will pick-up.

  3. I like reading things that make me feel smart, too. It's definitely a bonus if they have nice photos like NG.

  4. I love the idea of green roofs. NG is great isn't it? The photos always blow me away.