Thursday, June 25, 2009

"We're all laughing with God"

I absolutely loved this photo spread of Emma Watson in Teen Vogue! For a while I was really not liking TV; their cover girls were all Disney stars and the editorials were seemed tired and uninspiring, but this was a good issue and I loved these photos. The clothes are so pretty, I'm definitely planning on doing a toned-down version of this look for fall. Personally I love Emma and think she's a great actress...from what I've heard other people say, she's one of those people you either hate or love.

Regina Spektor's new CD is out! I haven't picked it up yet but I'm really excited to hear the rest of her new music, so far I have been thrilled with the little bit of "Blue Lips" that I heard on iTunes, and I've been watching this video for "Laughing With" a lot lately. I love this song, it's still her usual sound but the lyrics seem more contemplative than her other albums, which is a good thing in my mind.

If any of my readers have other good music reccomendations, please let me know, I'm always looking for new music to hear and I like knowing what other people are into.


  1. I love Emma! :D I love this photo-shoot! I love Regina Spektor! You know what? I just love this entry!

    Have you heard Missy Higgins? I would assume you have. I love her.

  2. i love this song!! just got it on itunes!
    check out Eet - also on her new CD.
    as for other artists... are you into kate nash? she has sort of a similar sound....

  3. Mmm this editorial makes me excited for the new Harry Potter movie! I still remember how Emma Watson looked in the first film, hilarious! She has grown up into a fabulous woman.

    I recently discovered Whispertown2000, you might like them. And one of my friends makes pretty good music too:

  4. Hey, lovely images of Emma Watson. Yes, I'd love to trade links. I'll put you on my sidebar when I have a minute.

  5. I do love these pictures of Emma Waston--partly because she's wearing pieces from one of my favorite collections.