Friday, June 19, 2009

El Flamenco

I've always been fascinated by Flamenco. I've never been much of a dancer unless you count "creative dance" for a few months when I was four, but the flamenco music itself has always attracted me, as a guitar player myself. I actually just found this painting by John Singer Sargeant, one of my favorite painters, titled "El Jaleo." I love the light contrasted with the dark in this, there's something so mysterious about it.

Studies for "El Jaleo"

Watercolor study, "Spanish Dancer"


  1. Oh, what a perfect post! Not only do i have a dance recital tonight but the artwork is stunning (but of course, we are talking John Singer Sargeant here).

  2. i love the fluid movements of flamenco.. so graceful! xx


  3. Wow, I love the movement in these! They capture Flamenco so well.