Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some things you can't explain away

Two more Flickr pages I have been loving recently...the first set is from the girl who tamed the tiger. I love her polaroids and photos of polaroids. Her use of gentle lighting is so sensual and her subjects fascinate me.

The other user is Alison Scarpulla. I love her powerful photographs, they are a bit sad and each seems to evoke loneliness in its own way.

I also got tagged by Icon, so here it is. [The Rules: Answer the following questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention and add one more question of your own.] If you're reading this and would like to fill it out, consider yourself tagged!

What is your current obsession? I have been a little obsessed with's sort of an addiction. If you haven't checked it out, you really should.

What are you wearing now? I'm wearing a pair of brown linen shorts and a dark green flowy top.

What is on your desk? A lamp, my record player, 2 dictionaries, a thesaurus, a couple pages of sheet music, my SAT review book, and a lot of messy papers that probably don't belong there.

What would you like to learn to do? Speak French.

Name a song you are currently obsessing over: I wouldn't say obsessing, but the Clash's "Train in Vain" has been stuck in my head since London Calling has been playing in my car for a few weeks straight. But I'm not complaining, I love that song.

What was the last thing you bought? Ice cream, to celebrate finishing the SAT.

What one item are you currently wanting? A tie die maxi dress from Forever 21.

What languages can you speak? English and Spanish, to some extent.

What is the last book you have read? The last book I have finished is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. But right now I'm reading The DaVinci Code.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I really don't know anymore. I used to know, but it's so hard to decide. I know when I go to college next year I want to minor in music, and probably major in international affairs, anthropology or journalism.

What are your favourite websites?, as I previously mentioned, countless fashion, photography and art blogs, Facebook, and Flickr.

If you were to pick up a pen right now, what would be the first thing you'd write? Probably a list of the books I need to order from the library to read this summer.

If you you could be anywhere in the world at any point in time, where would you be? Right now I want to be somewhere very warm and sunny, because it's not here now and that bothers me.

If you could be an animal, what would you be? Definitely a bird. I would love to be able to fly and see everything.

What are you looking forward to in the near future? College. I know it's a year away and it's really stressful preparing for it, but I'm very excited to leave home and have new experiences.


  1. love. this. entry. the pictures are mesmerizing.

  2. Oh, these pictures are great. Very inspiring. Huckleberry Finn is a fantastic summer read.

  3. i really need to check out the girl that tamed the tiger! she is brilliant - love!

  4. I love that last picture through the fabric--the lighting is epic! I would love a polaroid camera.