Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Karma police.

I saw an illustration by Fumi Mini Nakamura in the February issue of Nylon, and since then I've been enchanted by her work. I think these pieces speak for themselves, so I won't say anymore :)

photos from Fumi's flickr page - click here to view

PS - Thanks to everyone who has been commenting recently! I won't have much time to get back to comments this week, but I will try to catch up eventually! And to those who wondered, the title from the previous post is from the Death Cab for Cutie song called "Crooked Teeth".


  1. These are great, thank you for sharing them! I've only flipped through Nylon a few times. I go through stages with magazines when I read them a lot or hardly ever. I'm in the latter right now.

  2. those scetches are lovely! and thanks for the award, I will come back to it soon, dear.