Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time and time again

My birthday is coming up next week...just a few things on my wishlist I'd thought I'd share. It's not too large of a list, because part of my present is going to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway this weekend!

PS Isn't this photograph so striking? I had found it saved away and just came across it, the model's eyes are so frightening and beautiful at the same time, just thought I'd share it.

photo credit: Starbucks and Jane Austen


  1. May is a great month for birthdays. Mine is the week after next. Going to a Broadway show sounds like a great way to celebrate! Those sandals are fun :)

  2. Happy almost birthday! I love the sandals and I'm definitely envious that you're seeing The Phantom of the Opera! I definitely agree with you about that photo.

  3. oh, you must be thrilled! the sandals were just beautiful! and i do agree with you, the picture is wonderful!